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High Control vs. Low Control

Most commercial fuel management programs are centered on low control products using retail fueling facilities. In these environments, theft and abuse on average accounts for 10% to 15% of the total transaction.

One of the most prevalent causes is that retail dispensers cannot restrict fuel grades. Drivers can purchase premium or mid-grade fuel when they should only be using regular. This can easily add up to $.20 cents per gallon, and it creates an environment where you have to dedicate your precious time auditing statements for this abusive practice.

Another primary cause for high abuse is that clerks are often required to process the transactions. The simple truth is that they care less about your fuel purchasing rules than they do about making money, and will quickly convert c-store items into fuel. The only way to detect this is to dedicate precious time to closely monitor miles per gallon. Poor mileage is an indicator of theft, but the burden of proof is difficult to achieve since the transactions appear to be fuel only.

Our fueling environment and transaction controls eliminate these concerns.


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