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Configurable System

Eliminating abuse and theft in a fuel management program starts with transaction controls at the time of purchase. Our fuel management solution offers the highest level of controls available in the marketplace. We can customize a system using any or all of these configurable elements:

  • PIN Security (user definable)
  • Guaranteed Fuel Grade Restriction (at the dispenser)
  • Daily Volume Restrictions (in gallons)
  • Monthly Volume Restrictions (in gallons)
  • Time of Day / Day of Week Restrictions
  • Guaranteed Fuel Only Purchasing!

Two Card Systems

If you are looking for the ultimate fraud protection tool, then look no further than our two card management solution. Both drivers and vehicles are assigned cards independently. Each has to be present at the time of fueling in order for the point of sale to conduct an authorization and turn on the dispenser.

PIN and data prompting questions are assigned to the driver card, while product restrictions and gallon limits are assigned to the vehicle card. This allows complete control over fuel purchases in situations where drivers float between vehicles.


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