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A New Perspective on Fuel Management

Implementing a poorly controlled, inefficient fuel management system can cost fleet operators hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars each month. Over a year’s time, the cost can be staggering.

As a proven provider of high quality fuel management systems, our primary goal is to lower your Aggregate Fuel Cost™. Aggregate Fuel Cost™ is the total amount it costs to get your vehicles fueled and employees back to work producing profit for your company.

We accomplish this by directing your fueling activity into our nationwide network of high speed, high control commercial fueling facilities. At these locations, drivers are unable to behave in a manner that drives up your cost. By offering the highest level of transaction control and activity analysis, employees quickly learn that our system can’t be cheated.

Since our facilities are dedicated to commercial fueling only, drivers don’t waste time waiting in long lines to fuel. More importantly, the commercial environment does not expose them to temptations that waste company time and reduce production profit, such as browsing c-stores, socializing with clerks or other drivers.

Commercial fleets nationwide are learning that fueling in congested, low control retail fueling environments can add as much as $.30 above and beyond the per gallon pump price. Many are enjoying substantial savings through our programs. If you would like a customized Aggregate Fuel Cost Analysis that identifies your potential savings, simply
click here, or call us at (800)869-7153.


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